What we have is a gift from Him.
What we do with what we have is our gift to Him.
-Swami Chinmayanandaji

C-VEP Weekend School

What is C - Vep?

C - Chinmayananda V - value Based E Education P - Programme

The aim of C - Vep is to help children bloom, grow, and inculcate values through fun-filled activities. C - Vep enhances the overall development of the personality of a child at all levels — physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

balavihar weekend school

    This C - Vep Course
  • Interactes body, mind & Intellect
  • An experimental learning with clarity
  • Brings out the inherent qualities hidden in child
  • Learning values through activities
  • Helps to develop self discipline
  • Helps to develop pride in our heritage & Indian culture
  • Helps children to get a clear vision of life
  • Instill the young mind to become better human being & good citizen of the world
  • Mission : To help children learn values with fun . “To delight like the moon and shine like the sun” – by Swami Tejimayanandaji.
  • The Chinmaya Balavihar program offers weekly spiritual Vedanta Classes for Children in their formidable and moulding years (5-12).
  • Activities in C - Vep are planned in such a way that they impart the value in the children.
  • The classes start and end with Sanskrit prayers.

Grade Topic Standards
Grade 1 Alphabet Safari - Game of life I     &      II
Grade 2 Bala Ramayanam - Value vs Values III    &     IV
Grade 3 Bala Bhagavatam - Young leaders V     &     VI
Grade 4 PO Box Mr.GOD  & Key to Success VII   &    VIII

C - Vep Classes & Timings

Place Day Timings Grades
Chinmaya Upasana
(for all childrens)
Sunday 10.00AM - 11.30 AM
11.30AM - 01.00PM
I & II
Bharathi Vidyalaya School
(only Bharathi Vidyalaya School students)
Wednesday 09.40AM - 12.20PM I, II, III & IV
Sishya School
(only Sishya School students)
Thursday & Friday 9.25AM - 12.30PM I & II
For Further Details Contact:

Mobile No: +91 9150929377, 8925583794

E-Mail ID: chinmayaupasana108@gmail.com

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